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"Wilt shattered virtually every scoring record in his first few years in the league.  In the process of doing that, he rendered statistics irrelevant.  So when Wilt scored 70 points in a game, no one paid attention.  That was Wilt being Wilt.  He had so many records that they began to lose meaning."  -- Leonard Koppett, Veteran NBA sportswriter and author.

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Most points in a game: 100

4 of the 5 highest scoring games: 100, 78, 73, 73

Most free throws made: 28

Most points by a rookie: 58 (twice)

Most field goals in a game without a miss: 18

Highest fg% in a game (min: 15 attempts): 1.000 (3 times)

Most rebounds: 55

Most rebounds by a rookie: 45

Most assists by a center: 21

Only player to post a triple-20 (20+ in 3 different categories--a double triple-double!)


Highest scoring average: 50.4 PPG

4 highest scoring averages: 50.4, 44.8, 38.4, 37.6 PPG

Highest rookie scoring average: 37.6 PPG

Most 50+ games in a season: 45

Most 40+ points in a season: 63

Highest fg% in a season: .727

Highest rebounding average: 27.2 rpg

Seven highest rebounding seasons in history.

Most rebounds by a rookie: 1,941 (27.0 rpg)

Most assists by a center: 702

Only center to lead league in assists

Most minutes played in a season: 3882 (48.5 mpg)

Top 7 seasons  for most minutes played


Second highest career scoring average: 30.1

Fourth most points scored: 31,419

Most consecutive seasons leading league in scoring: 7

Most consecutive games with 50+ points: 7

Most consecutive games with 40+ points: 14

Most consecutive games with 30+ points: 65

Most consecutive games with 20+ points: 126

Most games with 50+ points: 118  (Michael Jordan is 2nd with 30)

Most games with 40+ points: 271

Most consecutive field goals made: 35

Only player to lead league in 3 categories

Most complete games (every minute, every game): 79

Most seasons leading league in fg%: 9

Most Rebounds: 23,924

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Taken from The NBA at 50.

Highest Rebounding average: 22.9

Most seasons leading league in rebounding: 11

Most seasons 1000+ rebounds: 13

Highest career minutes per game: 45.8

Most seasons leading league in minutes: 8

Most consecutive complete games (every minute of every game): 47

Most minutes played without fouling out: 47,859

2nd most games played without fouling out:1,045

Only player to lead the league in 4 major categories.


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